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The magic one
24-12-2016 20:20
hey, i wanted to see whether Trophy was still active... Smile If you can read this message trophy, add me on steam please! www.steamcommunity
.com/id/Magik_tm Merry Christmas guys Smile

23-11-2016 00:17

11-08-2015 12:16
Sad to see you left, we had good times. Enjoy your search for a nice team Smile

The magic one
21-06-2015 15:28
hey, so um, im deciding to leave :S im going to go and search for another team, and look to improve :/ was fun with you lot and hopefully i shall stay friends with the people i met! ^,^

The magic one
29-05-2015 11:24
tu.be Grin

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